ik4Freedom to share

We are an experienced, well-matched, agile and dependable team. We help shape projects, design work cycles, and decide on the organizational structure of our firm. This generates added value and gives each of us the freedom to develop and share our ideas. We are open and honest with our customers.

ik5Smart & Friendly

The people in our teams are all experts in their fields and benefit from unprecedented working conditions. Fairness, transparency and family-friendly environment make for a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
Since work / life balance is essential, part-time or freelancing is strongly encouraged.

ik6Striving to be better

We staunchly believe in lifelong learning and take full advantage of the wide range of training opportunities to us.
We are constantly “on the go” and actively seek out dialogue through our involvement in communities, blog posts, public tech-talks and online accredited courses.